Achieving Sporting Excellence Through Community Outreach


To mark the beginning of the NHL season, we hockey fans here at the Kidzsmart headquarters are excited to announce our recent collaboration with the Nashville Predators.

The strategy behind this product is two-fold:

1.      Educate kids and families on hockey.

2.      Promote healthy living and the teaching of life skills.

The Nashville Predators have done an excellent job when it comes to teaching the game. The results can be evidenced by their passionate fan engagement. Rather the latter is a particular area of which we are quite proud.

This program encourages healthy eating and meal planning in addition to extending the Hockey Scholar outreach as part of the NHL’s Future Goals program.


In addition to promoting regular exercise and healthy eating, youth sports are vital in the development of life skills that kids acquire through participation.

Some of these skills include:

-        Development of self-esteem

-        Leadership

-        Teamwork

-        Goal setting

-        Key social skills and communication

-        Time management between school and team commitments

-        Respect

Does any of this sound familiar in the workplace? Sports don’t just teach in-game fundamentals but also help prepare kids with the skills they will need later in life. A strategy that promotes these core skills is essential when creating a youth sports program as the learning doesn’t stop after the final whistle is blown. 

Did you play youth sports as a child? If so, what vital lessons did that experience teach you?