Kidzsmart Shares Key Insights and Learnings from the 2018 Restaurant Leadership Conference


Kidzsmart Concepts Inc. announced today that it recently attended the renowned Restaurant Leadership Conference (RLC) in Arizona. The RLC Conference gathers together more than 2,000 restaurant industry executives and fosters key information exchange between restaurant executives, creative leaders and supplier partners. This was Kidzsmart’s third successive year attending the event. We find our participation enables us to gather a wealth of industry knowledge that helps us advise our clients as they navigate today’s challenges and capitalize on current business opportunities. The conference addressed many timely industry topics and we are pleased to share our insights and learnings in this release.

The first and foremost of our observations is the increasing prominence of technology in the restaurant industry. Processes and transactions are moving towards software-based technology. From job hiring to HR software, tech systems are being implemented to digitalize and automate business processes. Digital marketing also continues to be important with online ordering continuing to grow in popularity. Restaurants are understanding the importance of SEO boosting and review management software to help compete in today’s industry environment. New online marketing channels for restaurants are also gaining traction – think Yelp and Grubhub.

From a kids’ program perspective, it was apparent that many restaurants aren’t currently offering a kids’ component but are increasingly realizing the importance of these programs to help drive store traffic. A common issue was the lack of understanding by marketing executives to execute on a kids’ program – especially when many operators are reviewing their branding and brand identity to stay current.  A number of those who did have a kids’ program were creating them internally which created other challenges such as producing meaningful custom content and handling the execution of production, printing, shipping, inventory management, etc.  Add this to the complexity of the new calorie legislation, and operators are even more strapped for time!

The new calorie legislation launching May 7th, 2018 in the United States has many operators focusing their efforts towards kids’ menu offerings. Given that restaurant menus may often contain higher calories, operators are playing close attention and adding healthier options. While customers often want to treat themselves while dining out, it’s still important for restaurants to offer more nutritious items. This is especially true today as calories are required to be front and center on all kids’ menus.

The RLC did not disappoint and offered high value insights and opportunities for industry relationship building. Being amongst these knowledgeable C-level operators enabled Kidzsmart to hear first-hand the struggles and opportunities that restaurants face in today’s business environment. Adopting technology and more efficient systems are vital for operators. In addition, increasing guest traffic overall is always at the top of objectives for marketing executives. At Kidzsmart we have been helping restaurant executives increase traffic with their kids and family customers for more than 15 years, so we are pleased to offer our creative and marketing services to restaurant chains seeking to increase guest traffic.

About Kidzsmart Concepts

Founded in 2000, Kidzsmart Concepts is a privately-owned kids and family marketing company based in Vancouver, BC. We provide marketing programs to reputable brands across North America that help our clients increase their engagement with the kids & family segment. Kidzsmart’s capabilities and expertise includes the creation of intelligent, character-driven stories, addictive games and promotions that captivate and educate children and families.

About the Restaurant Leadership Conference

The Restaurant Leadership Conference (RLC) is a top-to-top, invitation-only event where 2,000 of the most progressive and influential individuals in the restaurant industry gather each year. RLC uniquely provides the thought leadership and environment that restaurant executives and their organizations look for to build critical relationships.