Kidzsmart's Programs Get the Family Time Thumbs Up


Eating out is often a busy family’s opportunity to slow down, connect and eat together. Plus, no cooking or dishes for tired parents! And the cherry on top? Kids’ activities that not only excite the kids but also promote participation from everyone at the table.

 Kidzsmart’s programs for Boston Pizza and Black Bear Diner do just that, and have won coveted Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA™) seals of approval. Family patrons at Boston Pizza and Black Bear Diner were asked to interact and review the restaurants’ kids activity materials. Kidzsmart received overwhelming affirmation and praise for these two programs.

Boston Pizza All-Stars: Playing as a Team

Boston Pizza All-Stars: Playing as a Team

At Boston Pizza, a parent noted her appreciation for the interactivity encouraged in their Boston Pizza All-Stars 3D activity book:

“I haven't ever told other moms to go to a restaurant for a kids’ activity package, but I did here, it is such a fun activity book, and it keep us interacting with the kids, love that.” 


Similarly, a parent at Black Bear Diner loved the Beary Tale Times newspaper, specifically noting the calls for family members to play together:

 “I liked that several of the activities were for multiple people, which means that your child is required to interact with you or their sibling, which is EXACTLY what you want at a family dinner.”

Valuing Together Time

Family participation is one of Kidzsmart’s key values for our kids’ programs. We know—from industry insights and our 15-years’ experience—that dining out with the family is prime time for connection. We’re pleased that our end consumer resonates with our product!

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