How to Manage Screen Time for Kids in our Digital World

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Screen time for kids is a hot topic for many parents and for good reasons. Like with a lot of things in life, the key to making screen time a positive experience is balance. Other important factors to consider are the quality of kids’ media, how it fits into your family’s lifestyle, and how kids engage with it.

Here are some ideas for regulating screen time for your kids and making it high quality time.

1. Time it

When your child does get access to the iPad, make sure she/ he is only allowed a 20-30-minute session. Create a family media plan with consistent rules for all family members and be strict in applying it.

2. Make it a reward

If you don't allow your kids to play on tablets or phones every day, you can use them as a reward. For example, all A's on a report card can earn them the iPad for 3 days per week. Reading two children’s books a week can allow them to watch funny videos for 30 minutes.

3. Make it educational

One way to feel better about what your children are learning while playing on tablets or phones is by regulating what digital content they use and being sure the content is educational. At Kidzsmart, we have developed some funny celebration videos that kids can download if they achieve their reading goals. It is a great way for kids to have fun while at the same time being incentivised to learn.

4. Monitor it 

With most of today's technology, parents can set parental controls on what their children should and should not be exposed to. They are usually easy to set up, but parents should still check in kids’ favorite apps to make sure they are age-appropriate!