Marketing to Mom - 6 Insights You Need to Know!


Overall, moms describe themselves as being time-starved; their job is a balancing act of a number of often overwhelming priorities, and they usually feel like they are failing. Today’s moms are tired of advertising that portrays them as perfect, and tired of the pressure to live up to that false standard.

Originally published online at Restaurants Canada, here are 6 insights on the valuable demographic of Moms and the important role they play in the Restaurant Industry's economics.




1. Moms are "faking it while quietly freaking out"

82% of Moms believe that brands can help them do their job!

Overwhelmed by information and anxious to make the best choices for their kids, parents are looking for trusted recommendations in order to help them reach their parenting goals.

2. Moms are more digital than ever before!

80% of Moms research online reviews before making a purchase.

Moms spend over 25 hours a week online using smartphones, tablets and laptops.

3. Today's parents are happy overall with the amount of time their kids are spending with technology.

82% of Moms will download multiple game apps for their kids.

Today’s children have never lived in a world without technology. They have been brought up from birth in a digital universe and love interacting with digital content, games and mobile devices.

4. Today's kids and parents make decisions together.

63% of parents say that kids are the focus of everything they do as a family.

70% of dining out decisions are solely made or co-made by the children.

5. Moms love loyalty rewards.

81% of Moms are more likely to engage if they earn points toward rewards.

6. Word of mouth has the greatest effect on Moms.

84% of Moms go online when looking for product/brand recommendations.

Moms trust what they read online, and that's their first stop.

The truth is...

...Moms want to be real and genuine, and they want to be engaged with brands that communicate with integrity and authenticity, and with relevant content that helps them reach their goals, removes their frustrations and recognizes them as individuals. Kidzsmart believes that connecting with this demographic is a huge and valuable opportunity. For more information and insights, we're happy to chat.