White Spot Restaurant Company is one of Canada's most recognized restaurant chains, best known for its legendary hamburgers and Pirate Pak meals that have delighted kids and families for 40 years. In 2016, White Spot wanted to update this popular Pirate Pak premium with a program that would engage today's kids but keep with the nostalgic appeal of the original concept.

The Kidzsmart Solution...

Through a collaborative creative process with Kidzsmart, The Legendary (Mis) Adventures of the Cluckaneers was born, leveraging the Pirate Pak's existing legacy on mobile devices with an exciting narrative, engaging mini-games, a fresh look and unique lovable characters.





Today’s children have never lived in a world without technology. They have been raised from birth in a digital universe and love interacting with digital content, games and mobile devices.

Our team is passionate about creating products and experiences that families will love, and we have discovered that a branded game is the best way to reach and engage them. The WS Kids app has seen engagement numbers 8.46x higher than average branded content.


Did you know that over 75% of kids under the age of 8 own at least 1 mobile device and that over 83% of kids aged 5-8 regularly use one? We’ve found that integrating an interactive mobile experience is critical to engaging and building loyalty with younger generations.

The average customer playing the WS Kids App spends an additional 2 hours and 12 minutes (over industry averages) engaging with the White Spot brand every month.


At the rate technology and trends change, we find many of our clients are struggling to understand, much less keep up with and implement digital elements into their kid’s programs and family initiatives.

Keeping up with these trends and introducing new technology initiatives to your brand is critical to retaining and engaging customers. Our metrics and data show that the custom products and solutions we’ve built for White Spot have a 1.8x greater retention rate than industry benchmarks.


At Kidzsmart, we specialize in creating custom branded products that perfectly match your company’s goals and vision. Introducing a digital version of our process to the White Spot program has helped White Spot engage their customers both within their restaurants and at home.


Our award-winning team of thought-leaders, creative artists and market specialists create kids and family programs that delight, engage and entertain. We know that happy customers are repeat customers! As a full-service creative agency, we help businesses build loyal and enduring relationships with their kids and family market.


We have developed a dynamic digital augmented reality tool called SmartLenz. Using a smartphone or tablet, simply hovering a device over your print materials brings your kids' program to life with digital games, sound, and animation. 


All of our digital products come integrated with data analytics so we can properly assess the product’s performance and understand customer behaviour. We work closely with White Spot to establish specific objectives and then optimize towards those objectives.


About Kidzsmart Concepts
Kidzsmart Concepts Inc. is a privately-owned, kids and family marketing company, with offices in Vancouver and Gibsons, BC. Founded in 2000, we provide awesome family experiences that differentiate your brand and drive measurable results. Kidzsmart’s capabilities and expertise includes the creation of intelligent, character-driven stories, addictive games and promotions that captivate and educate children and families.

About White Spot
Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, White Spot is Canada's longest-running restaurant chain, celebrating their 89th year. Founded in 1928, when Nat Bailey launched Canada's first drive-in restaurant at Granville and 67th, the 89-year-young chain now sees more than 17 million guests annually at 130 White Spot and Triple O's locations throughout B.C., Alberta and Asia. Bailey's original vision was to build a restaurant that served the highest quality, unique tasting food, and White Spot remains committed to continuing this tradition in each and every meal. White Spot Limited is proud to be recognized as one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies for the past seven consecutive years.