Building a kids' program is an exciting adventure and our accounts team is ready to guide you through the process, at your pace and with your brand needs in mind.

Below are some of the questions that are often at the top of our clients' minds when they first begin working with us. We are happy to answer any further questions you may have. Just give our sales team a shout.

+ Why Kidzsmart?

Kids' programs is what we do—all year long!
We understand that capturing the loyalty of your family market can take some navigating. Kidzsmart is dedicated to helping you connect. We truly believe in a collaborative relationship with our partners and our studio is full of illustrators, designers, writers & producers that are ready to help you bridge the gap to your youngest audience.

+ Why does a kids' program matter?

Because kids matter.
When kids play, they are engaged! In a time when competition for attention is fierce, it is amazing that a "small" gesture of value can bring such a huge return on investment. In the restaurant industry, studies show that 70% of meal decisions are heavily influenced by kids 18 and under and that the "family segment" comprises nearly 50% of restaurant revenues with a check 83% higher than couples or seniors. Traditional advertising and marketing avenues are not reaching today's young influencers at the same rate as previous generations of kids. Today's kids remember—and want to return to—experience.
For over 15 years, Kidzsmart has listened and learned along with our partners, and our team has grown and evolved to address trends and innovate in response to today's family market.

+ What are the benefits of a kids' program?

Showing that you value kids will win the loyalty of the family.
A well-designed kids' program can be a soft—but very effective —marketing strategy. Kids want to return to restaurants for Kidzsmart's programs and parents like to share recommendations with each other by word-of-mouth and online. When staff present a fun program, it is great seeing parents and kids enthusiastically engaging with the content! Sports teams build loyal fans, while industry leaders can use games and activities for educational outreach.

Other benefits include:

  • Direct engagement with your brand, messaging and promotions
  • More content to share (or be shared) on social media streams
  • Loyalty and retention throughout generations. (Don't underestimate nostalgia!)
  • Engaged kids! When kids are happy, parents and staff are happy.

+ How much will a kids' program cost?

Great question, we'll trade you numbers for numbers!
Getting you the best/accurate price will need a bit of information from you. Often we will need to know:

  • How many locations do you have? (Or what is your outreach goal?)
  • What is your budget? (Per child? Per unit?)
  • What are you hoping to achieve? (Large-scale marketing? Something to keep kids "busy"? Something to educate kids about your industry?)

Every client, customer-base and industry is different. Our programs often evolve as your budget and market does, and our account managers are ready to walk you through the process to find a price-point that works for you.

+ How often do we need to update our kids' program?

This will depend on your marketing goals. We recommend a new issue/version three times a year to account for returning customers. But we have clients who do more, some who do less, and some programs that have multiple issues per print run. This will depend on your budget and inventory needs. Our account managers will help you figure out the logical choice for you!

+ I have an internal marketing team, can you work with them?

Our programs are designed to work in conjunction with your overall marketing strategies. When we know what your over-arching outreach goals are, we can design a program to help you achieve them. We can take your corporate values and outreach initiatives and present you with an on-trend program designed to resonate with kids.

+ I have an external marketing team, can you work with them?

Often, brand strategies and guidelines come from other design agencies. Our studio employs trained graphic designers and illustrators who translate these guidelines into a kid-friendly program.

+ I have NO marketing team, can you help us develop a program?

Not a problem!
We can handle the research, concept and creative development with little guidance. We understand that time is money and managers may not have the in-house resources to dedicate towards an impactful kids'program. Just let us know your time constraints and we can handle it.

+ We have multiple locations and franchisees. Can you handle this?

This is what we do best!
Our longest-standing clients are some of the largest chains in North America. Our production team can handle inventory management and distribution. Our art team can handle franchisee menu variations. Our account managers will assist you in getting the right information into the right places, no matter how intricate.

+ Can you create kids' programs in other languages?

We work with translators for our French and and Spanish programs. If there is something specific that you are looking for, please let your account manager know.

+ How does the kids' program arrive at my location?

We work fluently with distributors (all the time), or can ship directly to any destination. We are flexible to your needs and current processes.

+ When can we get started?

Often, right away! However, our best programs are created with some time up-front to discover your unique goals, challenges and distribution needs in mind. There are also times of year where our studio and printers book up so we do need some lead time to get you the best product and pricing.
But don't worry! Our account managers are trained to walk you through the process at a pace that will work for you.

+ I need something quickly and on a tight budget! Can you help?

Of course!
We truly believe in finding a kids' program that works for our clients, no matter their size or budget.
The Placemat Store was developed by Kidzsmart to satisfy clients with smaller budgets and tighter timelines, with the same quality as fully custom programs. The Placemat Store's pre-printed placemats can be customized with your logo and menu (for free!) and are often shipped between 5-7 business days. Activity books and crayons are available too.

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